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What makes Joseph J. Gaudio, DDS different than other dentists in the Chester, NJ area?

Simply this. Dr. Gaudio is committed to bringing health to your entire mouth.
He doesn’t just fix teeth.

Here’s an old joke for you…

Q: “What do you get when you paint a rickety old chair?”
A: “A beautiful, rickety old chair.”

How does that relate to your family’s dentistry?

You, your spouse or children may have cracked a tooth or developed a cavity. Dr. Gaudio knows that teeth don’t just crack for no reason. And, cavities are often caused by functional stresses in your mouth that weaken a tooth’s surface, causing damaged spots where bacteria can break into the tooth.

So, if the underlying problem is not corrected, other teeth will chip or develop cavities as well. Quite often, tooth problems come from malocclusion, meaning that your mouth’s physical structure causes clenching and grinding at night. Or, when you chew or talk, your teeth may come crashing together and inflict damage on each other. You don’t notice it because you’re used to it. Malocclusion is not just a problem in adults. Children’s teeth need to be assessed while they grow as well.

Mastering the assessment and treatment of malocclusion is a long and difficult learning process. And, that may be why most dentists simply gloss over the problem. When they skip proper occlusion, new crowns are very likely to chip or crack within a few months, resulting in more dental visits. Or, teeth with new fillings or crowns are more likely to remain sore and sensitive as they continue to get beat up by other teeth.

Dr. Gaudio has participated in extensive advanced training in the area of occlusion because it is important to him that all of his patient’s smiles are as functionally and occlusally sound as they are beautiful. Dr. Gaudio’s wish is that each of his patients, including young children and elders, keep their natural teeth for their entire lifetime.